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  What is Outsourcing  

Outsourcing firm is a human resources sourcing or a firm, which does the employee hunting for their clients . It is also called manpower consulting, manpower , hr consultants or hr recruitment firms or Placement firm. For recruitment and selection almost all the big or small companies these days do human resources outsourcing. These recruitment firms find the suitable employee as per their client's requirements. The initial round of interview are either taken up in these recruitment firms or can be scheduled at the company itself. Or the human resourcing outsourcing firms can schedule the candidate's interview over the phone. The placement consultant agencies not only for Indian companies but also do the hiring for organizations in abroad.

With the increase in the number of candidates and need for job, the human resources outsourcing firms or the placement industry India is recognized as the fastest growing industry. In India only, while 150 lacs agencies help non-professional labor with placements such as construction, transport and certain industrial , about 800 lacs work with professionals in ever-widening fields, such as nursing,IT, HR, and teaching. Recruitment firms or consultants take the commission from employee's salary if their selected candidate got the job. HR Sourcing (placement) is a large and complex universe in itself, encompassing many different functions associated with the HR department. The human capital marketplace remains highly competitive and is poised for enormous growth in the next 10 years, since, companies around the world are investing heavily in their human resources infrastructure.

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